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Notary Services

The Code of Civil Procedure provides that Justices of the Peace handle suits for the possession or ownership of movable property, and the judgments of ownership of a vehicles shall be recognized the the Office of Motor Vehicles in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 4 of Title 32 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.


In Louisiana, normally one can’t sue for more damages than he has suffered. In breach of contract cases like those involving leases, this means adding up all damages (past due rent, damages to the property, etc). Once that amount is figured, then the deposit should be subtracted. Another way to think of it is as follows: Suppose you didn’t request a security deposit.

Small-Claims Court

The claimant does not need an attorney. The court can accept verbal claims, but usually the court has fill-in-the blank forms that serve as pleadings. The Justice of the Peace can not give legal advice, nor will the court rule in advance; however, the office does provide information on claim filing procedures. Please do not try to give the court an overly detailed explanation in the hope of prejudicing the court. You will have an opportunity to present your claim at a later date.


For couples interested in marriage information, our office can help. In order to be married, couples must obtain a marriage license from the local Clerk of Court’s office. To schedule our office for a marriage ceremony, please contact us.

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